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  • Academic Oriented
    Evomark provides all the necessary components to deliver high-quality scientific contents. Citation, reference, auto-indexing, theorems, math-macros, title&authors, table of contents. Everything you can imagine in LaTeX or MS Word is included and usable out of the box.
  • Simple and Usable
    Evomark provides a markup language with simple and intuitive grammar, which makes it easy to learn and use. No tedious typesettings, no annoying layouts, just focus on what you want to write, focus on the story of science itself. Evomark make it simple to deliver a decent academic report.
  • Light-Weight
    Evomark aims to support academic contents production with a minimum installation and least possible configurations. The framework can be easily deployed on your PC or a web-server with little efforts.
  • Web Friendly
    Evomark is designed for modern web eco-system. The Evomark framework produces webpages instead of pdf or word documents, making it inherently competent to create and publish academic relevant contents on the Internet.
  • Interactive
    With Evomark, academic results can be better visualized and presented. Reference number can be tracked by clicking a link, figures can be interactive, equations can be displayed when refered to.
    You can make next generation of academic contents with interactive components, sematic HTML tags and even blockchain.


  • A collaborative academia makes more possibilities
    • Making knowledge suit the cognition system of human-beings is not easier than making awesome softwares. However, while softwares can gather thousands of people to together develop it, textbooks/online courses usually have authors less than 10.
    • Evomark aims to change this point by providing a marking language that is powerful and easy to read and review, so that contributors' commits can be efficiently reviewed by reviewers of git repos and then being adopted.
  • Media of academic contents should not be TeX and PDF
    • TeX focuses more on typesetting but not record of contents and tends to mix up style and contents.
    • HTML is much easier to be analyzed by computer programs. Using HTML to convey academic contents can make large scale automatic analyze of academic contents easier. This point will become more and more important with the development of natural language processing technologies.
    • HTML on modern browsers can be made responsive, so that people can easily read it on small screen devices.

Welcome to the world of Evomark!

Please note that Evomark is still developing. The documents do not cover all the features of Evomark. The better way to learn Evomark grammar is direct read the source codes of the documents. The link of the source code is on the right top corner.
Here are the documents


Let's make a theorem as easy as 123.
=== Theorem {id:"mc2", title:"Mass and Energy"}
Then, try put your mouse on [#mc2]!
Theorem 1 (Mass and Energy)
Then, try put your mouse on Theorem 1