The Nuxt3 framework is a very new framework. We choose it because we expect it will be mature and perfect in the following years. Unfortunately, the static website generation function of Nuxt3 is still under developing, meaning that Evomark projects cannot be served by github page now. We expect the problem can be solved soon.
We don't recommend people who are not expert to do the following. If you want to make your Evomark project available on internet now, you need to have a server, with the following dependency installed
  • node
  • npm & yarn
  • pm2
To deploy a project, you should create a folder named .deploy in the project's root, with a file config.toml inside. The content of config.toml should be
host = ""
ssh_key = "./key.pem"
ssh_addr = "your.server.ip.addr"
ssh_user = "your-username"
deploy_path = "./evomark-project"
And in .deploy there should be the private key ./key.pem for the ssh server.
With .deploy setup, one can call
yarn em-build ./your-project
yarn em-deploy ./your-project
to build and deploy the project.


If you are interested in develop this framework, you can first clone this repo, and setup the environment by running the following commands in the root.
mkdir packages
cd packages
git clone
git clone
git clone
cd ..
yarn install