Install Evomark

So far, Evomark framework has only been tested in Linux & Windows environment. We encourage the MacOS users to try it.
Evomark Framework requires the following dependencies to install
List 1
  • Git (For version control and collaboration)
  • NodeJS (version 16^) (Javascript engine)
  • npm (Javascript package management)
  • yarn

Platforms specific instructions


Here we provide script for install the dependencies on ubuntu
curl -fsSL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs
sudo npm install -g yarn


For windows, you can go to to download and install node&npm.
Git can be downloaded at
You may need to restart to make the installations into effect.
Then, yarn can be installed via npm
npm install --global yarn
The following command is required to enable yarn scripts on windows Powershell.
Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope CurrentUser -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
GUI installer is available on for yarn v1.22.15 and older version.
Currently, the Evomark frame does not provide graphic user interface. So you need to familiarize yourself with basic usage of command lines. You may search Powershell for some tutorial.
Installing Visual Studio Code is strongly encouraged.

中国用户 (Chinese users)

People inside the Chinese network may need additional setup.
  • Change the npm source to the one in China by npm config set registry
  • You may need tools to accelerate the access to GitHub. See gitclone for more info. (Just run git config --global url."".insteadOf https://)
  • After using gitclone, if you don't run yarn successfully. You may need to change to npm install. There might be a bug with yarn.

Get ready!

With dependencies installed, Evomark framework can be installed by (Here we install it in user's home path)
mkdir evomark-projects  # Make a new folder for the project
cd evomark-projects # Change directory to the new folder
curl -o package.json  # Download the project config file
yarn # Initialize the project by installing the dependencies


In the folder that you have installed the Evomark framework, you can initialize a new project by
yarn em-init ./your-project
You can preview the new project by starting a development server
yarn em-dev ./your-project
During the run of the development server, all the change of source file will be detected automatically. Therefore, you don't need to build it by yourself.
Finally, you can go to http://localhost:3000/ to see the output of Evomark. I hope you will enjoy it!

Potential Issue

At the current version of Evomark, when you create a new page, you must restart the dev server to load the page. We hope this inconvenience can be solved in the future versions.


If you want to publish your project on internet, or you are interested in develop the Evomark framework, please follow the instruction in Build, publish and develop.